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Religious Debates represents a forum for public formal debates on religious topics. This website is run concordantly with the Religious Debates Yahoo! Group. The actual debates are held on the group; archives and other information are kept here on this website.


Religious Debates began in September, 2000, as the brainchild of Johnny Clark. The Internet had many forums for discussion, particularly e-mail lists, but the medium did not easily allow for the presentation of differing ideas in a systematic way. Therefore, Johnny, along with Kenneth L. Thomas, Kent Bailey, and Ethan R. Longhenry, started the Religious Debates e-group (now Yahoo! Group) so that there would be an online forum for formal debate of religious topics. Not long after, Jack Smith and Billy Yarbrough were added as moderators, and each was given a particular role in the group. To get things started, Johnny and the late Voyd Ballard engaged in a mock debate regarding baptism for salvation.

The group quickly gained interest and members, and debate propositions began to roll in. Moderator changes were made– Jack and Billy left those positions, and Larry Bunch, Ira Mikell, Allen Boyd, and Dot Ketchum and Jeri Dentel were added as moderators over time. Ira, Allen, and Dot also left that position after awhile, and John, Kenneth, Kent, Ethan, Larry, and Jeri remained the moderators for a significant part of the history of the group.

Johnny’s health unfortunately began to fail considerably, and Jeri Dentel took over much of the administration of the group, with the men present to help make any necessary decisions. The Religious Debates website also came forth, providing a more consistent and easier place to archive the past debates held and maintaining current list administration.

Johnny’s passing from this world in 2006 led to considerable change in the ownership of Religious Debates. By this time, Kenneth, Ethan, Larry, and Jeri were left as the moderatorial staff, and Jeri recused herself of the responsibilities she was bearing. Ethan agreed to take over the website and ownership of the e-mail list and has continued in that role ever since.

Religious Debates is pleased to be in its seventh year. The group has over 250 members and a constant stream of debates to this very day. The administrators of Religious Debates feel that it has met and continues to meet its purpose, and pray that people have been benefited by the presentation of ideas in a formal way in this forum. In all things we have prayed that to Christ be the glory, and that in some way His truth has been discovered and promoted here.